Pest inspections are an essential part of your checklist in-home safety and preparedness. Ohio pest inspections often turn up wood-damaging insects, as well as hard-to-find pests like bed bugs or other wildlife.

Left unchecked, pests can lead to expensive property damage and health issues. Protect your home and your family by hiring a licensed pest inspector to inspect your home regularly. 

Why get a pest inspection?

You might be wondering why or when you need to get a pest inspection. Besides finding pests in your home or becoming aware of signs of an infestation on your own, you may be required to pass inspection for many other reasons.

Why you need a professional pest inspection:

  • Training and equipment is required to find most pests
  • Deals with an infestation before it gets out of hand
  • Protects your home from structural damage
  • Pests can be dangerous 
  • Can be required to sell a home
  • Mortgage lenders may require a pest inspection

Finding pests in your home

It’s often the case that once a homeowner finds pests in their home, the infestation has already become deeply rooted. Many pests like bed bugs, termites, or ants often go unnoticed until they have already become established in your home.

Most of us are unaware of the subtle signs infestations can leave behind. For example, termites can cause peeling paint that looks like water damage. It would take a trained eye and a well-rounded knowledge of pest behavior to recognize many signs that often go unnoticed by homeowners in Ohio.

Making regular pest inspections in Ohio is crucial for maintaining your home’s integrity and protecting your family from potentially harmful pests. Don’t wait until you see pests in your home to call a licensed Ohio pest inspector.

Licensed pest inspectors in Ohio

Ohio regulations require inspectors to be licensed professionals. Inspectors must also have an Ohio Commercial Pesticide Applicator License and pass an extensive training program. There’s a good reason for this.

Ohio has several pests which can establish themselves in your home, causing property damage and dangers to occupants’ health. Of all these pests, they have different behaviors, population patterns, and symptoms of being in your home.

Ohio pest inspectors need to have a well-rounded understanding of these different pests, how to find them, and what they are likely to find in your area. Ohio pest inspectors are also required to retrain regularly to keep their license current as regulations change and new pests are introduced into the state.

Ohio pest inspections

Many mortgage lenders require a home to be inspected before financing it and contracts often contain a clause contingent on a home passing an inspection. Ohio law requires pest inspectors to be licensed and trained for any of these things to happen.

Ernst Home Inspections is licensed in the state of Ohio to find pests, as well as inspect any part of your home inside and out. You can read more about our standard home inspections or schedule your Ohio pest inspection here.