Most smokers don’t understand the true cost of cigarette smoking in a house. Going outdoors to smoke can seem like a major inconvenience that outweighs the cost of removing cigarette smoke in a home, but this is simply not the reality 0f it.

Removing cigarette smoke in a home is an expensive process that may require repainting walls, replacing carpet, and numerous other repairs from damage caused by smoke, ash, or burn marks. Smoking indoors is not worth it, and here’s why.

Third-hand smoke is also toxic

Most smokers know about second-hand smoke, but have you ever heard of third-hand smoke? The toxic effects of smoke linger long after a cigarette is put out. When you smoke indoors, various toxic chemicals soak into the surfaces in and around your home.

Once the chemicals inside these surfaces break down, they reabsorb into the air, releasing more toxic gasses into the air and leaving behind an unappealing stale scent. There’s virtually nothing you can do to prevent this once you smoke indoors, and it can continue to affect the people in your home even when you aren’t smoking around them.

Smoke stains surfaces

After extended periods of time, the smoke from your cigarette will begin to coat your ceiling and walls. This results in a yellow sticky residue that is difficult to remove and typically stains the surface beneath it, meaning you might have to repaint your walls to get rid of it.

This is one of the most expensive factors in determining the cost of removing cigarette smoke in a home. Even if you leave your doors and windows open or the fan running, it will still lead to the accumulation of sticky and foul-smelling residue on your walls and ceiling.

Burn marks are hard to remove

Burn marks are an unavoidable side effect of smoking indoors. The cherry end of a cigarette can be unpredictable, falling when you least suspect it. Cigarettes can also re-light on their own if they aren’t entirely extinguished, leaving burn marks on the ground and burning surfaces they’re left on.

Cigarettes are a common cause of house fires that can quickly get out of control, endangering lives and potentially causing expensive repairs. Burn marks can also easily damage carpet, countertops, or flooring.

Homes with indoor smokers are two to three times more expensive to clean

If you rent your home, you might face expensive repair bills to cover the cost of cigarette smoke-related damages. Your walls may need to be repainted before a new tenant moves in, the carpet replaced, and anything else that may have been exposed to cigarette smoke.

Smoking outdoors is an easy way to avoid paying outrageous repair costs. The real cost of removing cigarette smoke is how it affects property value. A home with signs of cigarette smoke damage dramatically decreases its value.

Find out how cigarette smoke affects your HVAC system

Did you know that cigarette smoke can also lead to residue build-up in your ducts and damage your HVAC system?  Call Ernst Home Inspections to discuss areas of your home that may have been affected, and schedule a quick inspection to assess your HVAC system from head to toe.