Winter is iconic, with all that pure white snow falling and the crisp clean air. However, if you do know how to prepare your home for a cold winter, the season can take its toll on the home. There will be snowstorms, rainstorms, and winds and they can batter your home out of shape. Therefore, every winter, you need to prepare the home for the season.

Keep reading to see the three most important things to keep in mind when prepping your home for winter.

The heating system needs a tweak

Nothing can be as disconcerting as going into a cold winter with a faulty heating system. Thus, during fall, you need to bring in a technician to make sure that the heat pump and the furnace are working correctly.

If your system is older, it might need more frequent inspection than new ones. Remember, this is not something that you can do on a DIY (do-it-yourself) basis because it requires a technician.

Some of the things that the technician will check for are carbon monoxide leakage, furnace, and heat pump. The technician will also follow the guidelines as laid out by ACCA for residential maintenance.

The cost for hiring a technician is about $100 depending on your location. In most cases, it is less than that. It is worth spending the amount because you will be assured that you will get through winter with your HVAC system pumping out heat correctly.

Trim the tree branches hanging over structures

If you experience heavy snowing in your area, you should make sure no tree branches are hanging over your house.

The reason for this is that the branches could get too heavy with the snow piling up daily. If they break under the weight, they are going to drop down hard and they could break the roof. Check for branches hanging over your house, kennel, or sheds in the yard.

If the branches are high up and you do not have the tools for the job, you should contact a landscaping company for the job. Also, take advantage and seek information about how to prepare your gardens and potted plants for winter.

Remember the pool and outdoor pipes and faucets

Among the ways in how cold temperatures impact your home, one of the things that you should take care of is the outdoor water pipes and faucets. If the freeze starts when the pipes have water, the water turns into ice. Ice expands and it causes the pipes to burst. This can lead to hefty repairs.

To safeguard the pipes, faucets and sprinklers need emptying before winter sets in. Remember to empty the swimming pool tool. You should do this during fall so that if the pool needs any repairs, you can get them at affordable rates since pool repair people are in high demand during the spring.


Those are the three most important things to do when prepping your home for winter. It is best to hire experts to winterize your home since you might forget some things. For instance, the water lines need blowing to remove all the water. It is better than engaging in DIY since you might forget something.