Tornados can be devastating to your home and your family. Preparing your home for tornado season is absolutely necessary for protecting your family in case you lose power, suffer from property damage, or take the brunt of the weather. Follow these steps to prepare for tornado season.

1. Set aside food and water

Tornados can completely disrupt supply chains over great distances, causing temporary shortages of food and water. When you prepare your home for a tornado, make sure you have enough food and water on hand to sustain your family for several days. You don’t know when you will be able to shop for supplies again after a tornado hits.

2. Create an emergency kit

Your tornado season house preparation should also include an emergency kit. Besides food and water, you will also need a radio, first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, power banks, and phone charger for all your devices. It’s essential to prepare these things in advance because they may not be available when tornado warnings begin.

3. Make sure you have insurance

You don’t want to take the chance of not having insurance in the middle of tornado season. Tornados can cause significant property damage and you don’t want to be left with the bill on your own. You can save yourself a lot of money down the road if you make sure you’re insured before a tornado hits.

4. Have a plan

Having a plan is often overlooked in many people’s tornado season house preparations. In case of an emergency, you need to have a plan in place. Ensure everyone in your household is familiar with the plan to avoid figuring it out in chaotic circumstances. Plan where you will shelter and where you will meet if you are separated.

5. Designate a shelter

Before a tornado hits, make sure you have a designated area for shelter. Ideally, you would have a storm shelter, but you can still protect yourself if you don’t. Avoid areas near windows and use everything you can to protect yourself from debris like tables, beds, and heavy furniture that isn’t prone to falling.

6. Install shutters

One of the greatest dangers people face with tornados is flying debris. Tornados are powerful enough to lift semi-tucks into the air and toss them miles away from where they were. Installing shutters is a great way to prepare your home for a tornado.

7. Know the difference between a tornado watch and a warning

A tornado watch goes into effect when they become a possibility in your area. A tornado warning means a tornado has been sighted in your area and you should take all the immediate precautions and fall back on your tornado season house preparations.

8. Practice tornado drills with your family

Practicing your drill with your family is important for many reasons. It will give you an idea of what it will be like during an actual tornado, you will be able to spot things that don’t work, and it will give you a chance to test your equipment before you need it.

Prepare your home for a tornado

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