Knowing when to replace your HVAC system instead of making repairs can be challenging for most homeowners. The upfront cost of replacing an HVAC system is enough to scare a lot of people away, making them pay more money in the long term over repairs and replacements. Here’s how you can know when it’s time to replace your HVAC system.

Your HVAC System is Over 10 Years Old

When your HVAC system passes the 10-year mark, you are likely spending more than you need to on repairs and maintenance. Even if you’ve properly maintained your HVAC system and made the necessary repairs when needed, it will still make a great candidate for replacement. This is because outdated parts are hard to find, costing you more money and time trying to fix it.

Older HVAC systems are also incredibly inefficient compared to modern standards. Replacing your system with a modern energy-efficient one can end up saving you a lot of money every month, quickly paying off your investment after a short period of time. If your system is older than 10 years, schedule an HVAC system inspection.

You Hear Your System Running Longer Than Usual

When you hear your system running, that means it’s trying to reach a set internal temperature. When you hear it running longer than usual, this may indicate your system is unable to meet the demands set on your thermostat. This not only makes you and anyone living in your home uncomfortable, but it also dramatically increases your utility bill and leads to a frequent need for repairs.

Left running for too long, the mechanical parts in your HVAC system can quickly wear out, especially when they’re old. If you don’t see any obvious issues with your system and you regularly change your filters, then it’s time to replace your system with something newer and more efficient.

You Begin to Notice More Dust and Fine Debris Around Your Home

This is another sure sign that it may be time to replace your HVAC system. One job of your HVAC system is to filter air before circulating it throughout your home. When you begin noticing excess dust, dirt, and other fine debris, it means that your system isn’t able to do its job of filtering it out. This can lead to a variety of mechanical issues.

Circulating unfiltered air can also aggravate allergies and make residents in your home extremely uncomfortable. In some cases, circulating unfiltered air can even be dangerous to your health. This is another big reason why replacing your HVAC system with something newer is so important. If you notice excess dust, schedule a furnace and air conditioning inspection.

Get a Professional HVAC Inspection

The only way to be absolutely sure is to have a furnace and air conditioning inspection to look at your system in depth. You can quickly make an appointment with Ernst Home Inspection online or call us during regular business hours. We are proud to deliver quality service to people living in and around the Dayton, Ohio, area.