Springfield, Ohio, is one of those towns that often gets missed by tourists. The home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House and the Hartman Rock Garden, and surrounded by natural beauty and outdoor adventure like Bucks Creek, it makes for an exciting place to visit. At only 30 minutes from Dayton, it is perfect for a day trip. And if you do make your way there, some real hidden restaurant gems will suit the whole family. You need to know where to look!


Hickory Inn

Hickory Inn is a local favorite that has been serving Springfield for 70 years. Housed in a cozy log cabin and proudly keeping its original family feel, Hickory Inn is one of those places where everyone immediately feels at home. Its menu promises ‘something for everyone,’ and it certainly delivers. Offering well-cooked steaks, a vast range of pizzas, and a wide variety of appetizers and other options, all at reasonable prices. Easily overlooked by tourists, this institution is so popular with locals that there is usually a bit of a wait. But it is worth the wait, so make sure to include this Springfield gem on your next trip.


Cecil and Lime

Great for an informal dinner, Cecil and Lime is an unexpected gem of a steakhouse tucked inside a beautiful old-style blue and white building. Proudly offering a steak selection of all-natural beef from South Charleston’s renowned Longdale Farm, Cecil and Lime offers a simple menu that they get right. It features live music, friendly servers, and a relaxing atmosphere that makes it a fantastic place to spend an evening in Springfield. Be sure to leave room for dessert, because it is particularly good. 


Guerra Krazy Tacos

The mural outside of Guerra Krazy Tacos gives some hints about what you will find inside this cool suburban Mexican joint. Small and cozy, Guerra fits maybe 50 guests comfortably and has been known to run out of food before the end of service. But that is just a marker of how popular this hidden gem is with the in-the-know locals. Despite its small size, the restaurant feels warm, bright, and welcoming as soon as you step inside. It serves a simple menu with variations of tacos and a few craft beers, but all done consistently well. Check it out next time you are in Springfield. 


Pearl’s Passions

Food, fashion, and consignments. Pearl’s Passions offers an eclectic mix of products for its guests. This new-ish diner on Mitchell Boulevard is a complete surprise of a hidden gem. In a plain brick building with little signage outside, it is a place you could easily pass by. But you’d regret it! Serving simple home-cooked food like bourbon chicken, chicken fajitas, and luscious pastas for eat-in or takeaway, Pearl’s Passions is the ideal stop on a day trip to Springfield. And you can browse the racks of high-quality second-hand clothing while you wait for your food to be cooked. You never know when you will find a bargain.