A roof inspection is going to reveal the most common home roofing issues that you should address. The roof is the main part of the house that is exposed all the time to the different weather elements. 

It is also exposed to flying debris in stormy and windy weather. Thus, it takes a serious beating, which exposes it to serious damage.  

With time, even the strongest roofing materials start to break down. The good thing is that regular inspection is going to reveal any problems so that you can rectify them before they escalate.  

Keep reading to see the three most common problems that a roof inspection is likely to reveal:

Water damage

The roof inspectors look for signs of water damage on the roof. This is every homeowner’s biggest worry. Water damage on the roof could be an indication of bigger problems because left unattended; it can cause the roof to cave in.

Many things can cause water damage to the roof. One of them is clogged gutters, which means that the water is overflowing to the roof.

Sometimes, storms can blow shingles off allowing water to pass through. Water is crafty and it will find a way to seep in if the spaces are not completely sealed.

Another cause of water leakage is broken flashing. With age, flashing pulls apart, leaving your roof with spaces where water can seep inside.

Metal roofs also rust with time and exposure to the elements. If the rusting parts are not treated soon, they can develop holes, which will let water inside.

If there are water stains on your ceiling, it means that you have a leak in your roof. Home inspectors know the signs of leaking roofs and they know where to look. 

They will also recommend repairs or replacement of the roof or gutter depending on the extent of the problem.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are a major culprit of leakages in the house. The contractor will look at the gutters and if they need clearing, they will do the job.

Granules break away from the shingles with time and they eventually find their way into the gutters. This contributes to a lot of clogging.

Another cause of clogged gutters is the debris that collects on the roof. Leaves can collect inside the gutters and cause serious clogging.

This is a small problem though because they just need to be swept out. However, if they are metal gutters and they have had debris for a long time, they can rust and develop holes. The contractor will clean the whole length of the gutters so that water can flow unhindered.

Loose seams

Metal roofs have seams. However, with the changes in weather patterns, the roof can expand and contract. If this happens, it can come apart at the seams if they are not strong enough.

The seams become loose when the screws loosen. Eventually, there will be condensation, which will exacerbate the damage.


Different types of home roofing materials react differently to time and exposure to different weather elements. Thus, to nip the common roof problems at the bud, you need to contact an inspector to do regular inspections.