1. Toolbox (duh..)

It all starts with a toolbox to put all your nails, screws, screwdrivers, bits, and measuring tape in! A tool box is a great investment to keep all your small tools together, and organized!

2.  Drill and Drill Bits

With this tool you should invest in a pack of drill bits with square-drive bits, slotted bits, and Phillips head bits in a wide variety of sizes so you are prepared for any task!

3.  Adjustable Crescent Wrench

Though buying a whole set of different sizes of wrenches might be perfect for some, most will never touch all 45-100-148-250 wrenches in a large set. Usually, if you buy one or two adjustable wrenches you should be set for most repairs. Since the jaw is adjustable it can be placed to fit nuts and bolts of different sizes. And even better you can purchase one or two adjustable wrenches that are self-ratcheting so you don’t have to remove and readjust the wrench while tightening the bolt!

4. Hammer

A must-have for hanging pictures, curtain rods, and decorations throughout your home! About two hammers should be enough to build upon an average toolbox. You should usually buy one lightweight hammer and one heavyweight to keep a good variety.  When picking hammers you should think about the type of nails you will be using throughout your house. How heavy will your pictures, curtain rods, and other decorations be throughout your home? A little tip: The hammer should be larger for a larger nail, and you should use a smaller hammer for a smaller nail. A pin hammer is a good lightweight hammer for panel pins and tacks. While a basic claw hammer is good for outdoor projects and construction.

5. Hardware (Nails and Screws)

A variety of hardware is a huge must! Buying in a bulk set will keep you prepared for a long time, and you never know when you will need a certain size or shape of a nail or screw. You’ll always use nails and screws to hang pictures, curtains, mirrors, and decorations!

6. Tape Measure

A tape measure is useful for hanging pictures so they are an even distance apart from one another on the wall. It helps when picking out new furniture to measure if it will fit in the room you are placing it in. It is used to measure things that you are attempting to fit through a door frame as well. Get one that is at least 25’ just so you have enough tape to measure a typical room length. This is a tool you will use more often than you think!

7. Utility Knife

A utility knife is used to cut open and break down boxes, to score or remove chalk, to cut the top off of glue bottles, and make precision cuts. This tool is extremely versatile because it is a sharp and precise cut while also being safe for most users!

8. Step Stool

A step stool can be used to hang pictures you are just too short to reach. It’s used to paint your walls. Also, to replace light bulbs and dust above your entertainment center, fans, TVs, and bookshelves!

9. Screwdriver Set

Though a battery-operated drill could do the job in most cases, having a simple set of screwdrivers is will definitely be useful. A simple set of Phillips, slotted, and Pozidriv screwdrivers will get the simple jobs done. These manual screwdrivers are helpful with small tasks like tightening a cabinet knob, or the toilet paper holder in your bathroom.

10.  Plier Set

Buy a set of pliers that has a variety of types and sizes. Channel-lock pliers are used for pipes and valves while a set of locking pliers are good gripping tools for those difficult situations. Small needle-nose pliers are for getting into small and tight places while also being good for crafting! To strip and cut wires you will need electrician’s pliers.

11.  Allen or Hex Key Set

When buying furniture from Walmart or Ikea it is often asked of you to put it together and can require tools. These tools are also often used on bikes, towel rods, and toys for the kids! One set is usually around $10, but you can also buy more expensive sets with self-ratcheting handles!

12.  Flashlight

A flashlight is another must because once your power goes out candles can be pretty difficult to find without a flashlight! Flashlights can range from $5-+$100. Depending on what you want.  You can go with a small handheld light just in case of an outage or a heavy-duty light to work in dim construction environments. Flashlights are usually battery operated so you don’t need to use electricity to power them. Just in case of a power outage in your home.


13.  Extension Cords

Extension cords can be used on a daily basis. They make it easier to extend outlets farther than just the wall. While also giving you more than the two outlets on the wall by increasing your number to 4 to 6 outlets. They can be used to plug-in lamps, construction tools, lights, and chargers.


14.  Level

This hand-sized tool is used when replacing new kitchen cabinets and hanging picture frames. It is used to help you see if the cabinets you are putting in your kitchen are even on the wall, and so your pictures are not lopsided. There are several types of levels you can purchase that are electric or just the old school one with a floating bubble. Either get the job done!

15.  Air Compressor

To pick an air compressor you must think about what kind of job you want it to do, whether it is going to inflate large automotive tires or just blowing up some small bicycle tires at home. Portable compressors are used mostly for at home. While stationary compressors are used to provide high volume air needs for air tools and large automobiles.

Final Words

At Ernst Home Inspections we want to assist you in choosing your dream home, and with your dream home comes the need for the right tools! For further information on what you may find yourself needing to repair with these tools, check out our blog on fixing a “fixer-upper”.