Tell you what … to become a certified home inspector, you do not need to have a degree in architecture, structural engineering, or any other similar field. This means it is not too hard to become a home inspector.

You will need to train, which you can do online in many states. You will also need to take a state exam to get licensed.  

The job prospects for home inspectors are very good. For instance, to train for the same, you need at least a high school diploma or its equivalent. 

The average salary for a home inspector is $58,000. This is higher than the national average for many jobs. 

Things needed to get certification to become a home inspector

Unbelievably, getting certified to do this job is a fairly simple process. It need not take you more than three months in different states and some; you can even take a couple of weeks only. 

Keep reading to see the things you need to do before you can get a license to practice as a home inspector. 

Meet the licensing requirements of your state

Home inspector licensing requirements differ from state to state. Thus, the first thing that you need is information about the requirements for your state. 

The first thing that you want to know is whether hands-on training is needed in your state. If it is needed, how many hours do you need to complete it? 

In the state of Florida, you need to complete 100 hours of training. In Illinois, you need to complete 60 hours of training. Every state is different. 

The essence of knowing all you can about the training programs is so that you can make your plans and arrangements. 

For instance, you can create a training schedule that works for you. You also want to find out whether the training includes an online course.

You must pass the exam

Once you have established that you have to pass an exam, you should commence training for it. This takes money and time. Therefore, you have to compare different courses online to get the most affordable one.

The training can cost anything from $700 to $2000. In some states, you can take the entire training online, do the state exam, and get certified if you pass.

However, in some states, you have to do hands-on training with some online modules. The program that you take should also have a preparation course for your exams.

Most people prefer online courses because they can access the course materials at their convenience. They can also use a smartphone, laptop, PC, or MAC to take their course.

Online home inspection courses help you to get ready for your exams anytime you choose because you can continue studying during lunch breaks, on the train home, and so on.

Take your home inspection exam and pass

If you have to pass an exam in your state to become a licensed home inspector, you need to prepare very well for the same. This is not too hard since the trainers will give you the prep course for the exam.

You will have to register with the examining body, choose a good date so that you can complete your course in good time. It is best to set a deadline for the training and the exam so that you do not take too long.

After passing the exam, start networking with realtors and brokers. They have a large network of contacts in the business and they will refer many to you if you do a good job.