The garage is one of those places that gets foot traffic frequently, but which at the same time, gets the least attention of all rooms at home. However, in this article, we shall look at the most common home garage issues. Of course, only proper inspection can bring these out.

That is why it is vital to arrange for regular home inspections and make sure that the details go into your report. That way, when you decide to sell the home in the future, the report will convince buyers that they are buying into a well-maintained home.

Common issues with home garages

A home inspector will check all the rooms and extensions of the home and give you a detailed report of the same. The home garage could have many issues, but here are three of the most common of them:

1. Damaged Flooring

Damaged flooring is one of the main issues that home garage owners experience with time. The reason for this is that the garage receives a lot of foot traffic.

This is the room where most people store their stuff, some of the items they hang on the walls keep dropping on the floor. This eventually damages the floor, causing dents and chips on the tails.

Garage flooring problems can also come from water damage. Therefore, the home inspector will look at signs of water damage in the space. These could be things such as dry rot as well as symptoms of mold in the dark corners, ceilings, and so on.

If the garage is in the basement, you have to look for signs of mold damage. This also happens to garages above ground. Garages hardly get enough heating, so mold is likely to start developing from there especially if there is high humidity.

2. Failing garage door opener

With time, the garage door opener starts to malfunction. When the doors are not closing, you cannot be assured of your safety. What causes a garage door opener to fail?

Mostly, the tension springs break down and refuse to open the door. If the tension springs are old, they can fail to control the movement of the door. Too much usage of the door can also weaken the springs and even render them useless.

Photo-eye sensors control the opening and closing of the garage door. However, sometimes the photo eye sensors break and the door goes up.

The home inspector will also check that the door tracks are properly aligned. If they are not, the door will not open or close properly.

Because garage door openers have many small parts, some can break easily, thus affecting how it opens or closes.

3. Lack of proper insulation

Proper insulation is very important to weatherproof the space for the safety of your items. However, the garage insulation is always neglected, which leads to damage. A good home garage inspection will reveal any anomalies with the insulation. 


Other problems that you are likely to find in-home garages include clutter and poor lighting. The good thing is that most of the problems are easy to fix. Only the garage door opener will cost more, but it does not break down all the time.